Start 4 Life

What is it?

Start4Life is a government campaign to support a better start in life for infants from birth, by providing healthcare professionals with accessible, concise information about the recommendations on breastfeeding, appropriate introduction of solid foods and active play. Start4Life has translated these recommendations into 6 different “behaviours” for new parents to follow, with key messages and tips to engage new parents and make it easier for the recommendations to be understood and adopted.

Who is it for?

Start4Life messaging is directed towards pregnant women, new mums, and their partners and key influencers and supporters (grandparents, siblings). As part of the Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives government initiative, it focuses on promoting behaviours from birth (not conception) that will help to reduce the incidence of overweight and obesity (and related illnesses) in later life. It therefore does not aim to cover health information for mums during pregnancy such as food to avoid, folic acid supplements, alcohol or smoking. These are important messages in themselves that mums may already be aware of and could over-complicate the Start4Life messaging at this stage.

Further Information

Visit the Start 4 Life website