Specialist Infant Feeding Team – Employer Support

What is it?

The Specialist Infant Feeding Team aim to support employers in protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding amongst their workforce.

By supporting breastfeeding mothers in the workplace employers will also be:

  • reducing future absence from work due to child sickness (breastfeeding reduces many childhood illnesses including infections, allergies, asthma, diabetes)
  • increasing staff morale and loyalty resulting in a higher return to work
  • lowering recruitment and training costs (higher staff retention)
  • providing an extra incentive to offer potential employees
  • reducing sickness of female employees (due to health gains of breastfeeding their babies i.e. reduced breast and ovarian cancer, and less risk of osteoporosis)
  • acting as a model employer

Who is it for?

The Specialist Infant Team can support employers to:

  • ensure that their management team recognise the benefits of supporting members of staff who wish to continue breastfeeding upon their return to work, inform them accordingly and develop creative ways of working to enable this to happen
  • create an environment where more female staff choose to breastfeed and are supported by their fellow colleagues


Further Information

Helpful documents (click to download):

A sample breastfeeding policy to consider / adapt and share via HR department

An ‘acas’ guide – ‘accomodating breastfeeding employees in the workplace’ – including what the law says

‘Breastfeeding at study or work’ – a useful guide for employers and employees


Sue Henry / Donna Butler

Specialist Infant Feeding Team

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