Standards in Coaching

Have you got what it takes?  If you want to be a responsible leader, coach or official then you should make sure of the following:

  • you have an appropriate U.K. recognised Governing Body qualification
  • you are delivering sport to the groups of people you are qualified to and at the level you are qualified to (not above)
  • you have an appropriate First Aid Qualification or there is a First Aider on duty at all your sessions
  • you have professional Indemnity Insurance from your National Governing Body or Personal Injury Cover for the group you are taking
  • you are aware of child and vulnerable persons protection issues and follow best practice
  • you have a clear ‘enhanced’ Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check
  • you are aware of issues about equal access to sport or equity and practice this in your session

Best practice guidelines for Coaches/Instructors/Leaders

  • Level 1 National Governing Body (NGB) Qualifications allow you to act as an assistant to a Level 2 Coach (20-30 hrs)
  • Level 2 NGB Qualifications allow you to be the lead coach at sessions (40-60 hrs)
  • Sports Coach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children certificate (3 hrs)
  • Sports Coach UK Equity in your Coaching (3 hrs)
  • First Aid Certificate (min 3 hrs)
  • Enhanced level DBS clearance through NGB
  • NGB Professional Indemnity Insurance or National Governing Body equivalent

Recommended additional standards

  • An introduction to Long Term Athlete Development LTAD (3 hrs)
  • Sports Coach UK How to coach disabled people in sport (3 hrs)
  • The FUNdamentals of movement workshop (3 hrs)
  • Emergency First Aid for Sport (min 6 hrs)