Sports Volunteering

The Sports Development Team work in collaboration with the re:fresh Volunteers Programme, where volunteers, aged 16 and over, are recruited to volunteer with the Sports Development Team or with Community Sports Forum sports clubs that have gained ClubMark Accreditation or equivalent.

The aim is to increase volunteer opportunities and the number of volunteers within sports clubs, so the sports clubs have the capacity to increase numbers of participation, and therefore increase sustainability of sports clubs and participation.

This has been inspired by the London 2012 Olympics, to change the way in which people become involved in volunteering.

Volunteers are supported to provide high quality experiences, inspiring volunteers to draw on courage and determination as they start out in their experience.  No two opportunities will be the same, so volunteers will experience a wide variety of sporting experiences.

What volunteer development opportunities are there?

The Sports Development Team, are committed to supporting all volunteers, and is able to offer, accessible sporting workforce education opportunities because it works in partnership with numerous organisations.

We will support any volunteer with:

  • courses in sport for volunteers, leaders, coaches and officials
  • information, advice and assistance on courses
  • information on recommended minimum operating standards workshops
  • access to volunteering opportunities
  • advice and guidance with safeguarding concerns

If you are interested in Volunteering at an accredited sports club or with our Sports Development Team, please contact us at